Monday, February 15, 2010

Introducing Divanomics the Book!

Ok ladies as you will find out when you read Divanomics, I weathered a major financial fallout and am still standing to talk about it. One of the things I've learned through it all is that God isn’t going to wave a magic wand over our money matters, but He will give valuable instructions on how to overcome and rebuild. I’ll share all this with you in my new book Divanomics, How to Still Be Fabulous When You’re Broke.

But in the meantime I’d love to hear from you! Perhaps you have your own story of how to get over hard financial times or you are still working it out. Tell me what step was vital to your recovery, what you learned from the entire experience or your favorite money saving tip. At the end of the day, one of the greatest secrets to gaining wealth is sharing information. Remember, we’re all in this together. One does eventually affect the masses negatively or positively. Here’s to living Divanomically!


  1. Hey Michelle!
    I am a hard-working student putting myself through college, and trying to decrease my debt. I look forward to reading Divanomics because your books always offer fresh insights with practical tools. I have tried other financial books but found them intimidating. However, I have discovered that separating my needs from my wants was helpful in reducing my debts. Now, I know which things I need to buy on a monthly basis and which things can wait. I love the spice of life that comes through on your pages and I know that this next book will not only be an asset as I continue to learn how to spend less and save more, but I'm sure that I'll enjoy doing it too

  2. Michelle:

    I left a 6-figure paying position in 2006 to serve in the ministry full time. I do not get paid a salary, although I do receive a housing allotment from time to time.

    Since then, I lost my home and now staying in an apartment. At the time, I was devastated, but I made a decision to trust God and do the best I could with what I had.

    It is now 2010. I have more money saved up then when I worked a 9-5 career position. I have two cars (One is paid off). But the greatest thing I've discovered is peace in the midst of the storm.

    How did I do it..., I did not let my financial situation hinder me from walking in my destiny. I served God like never before. I encouraged, empowered and helped his people in anyway that I could. I continued to tithe..not only my finances, but also my time and talent. I got outside of myself to serve others, and in the meantime in between time, God sent blessings my way from the North, East, South & West. He supernaturally blessed me!

    I am still unemployed and happier than I have ever been. Sure, I never know where my blessings will come from, I only know that they will come. We must walk in faith! "According to your faith, be it unto you!"

    God Bless!

  3. Awesome testimony, Roxanne! I have found there is no reason to pay full price for anything. The Word, tells us be anxious for nothing, but by prayer and petition...(Phil. 4:6), so with that said I use coupons, seeks percentages off, plan purchases more, continue to pay my tithes and find another ministry or effort to sow a "seed" into. If you want to really receive the blessings of heaven, then when you are down, broke, etc. find a place, person, some positive effort and sow a seed. Most people believe sowing a seed only means money....As I struggled the past year to regain good financial grounding, I knew money was not available, so I purposely gave an hour or several of my time, talents to assist others. The rewards are still coming...a free family voucher to Disney World, donated ministry assistance, free media...just many blessings that resulted as a result of sowing seeds! I encourage anyone to try it. Pretty soon, you will realize that you hardly need money for much of anything....:)

  4. Hey Michelle this is Michelle from Peoria, Illinois and I am still working on getting my financial wealth back. I have been blessed with great jobs and good pay. I have a degree in Finance and Business and taught Self-Sufficiency to low-income families. Yet I let my finances get behind and created my own debt. Went through divorce and raising four children by myself with little help. I had to reset my finances and look for other money streams and supplemental income. I had to start saving again. So I got re-focused, created a circle of encouragement and decided enough was enough. The year 2009 was really bad for us all and I had stopped the main thing I should had continued. Continue to plant the seed to a better harvest. My tithing and offerings had come to a halt. Regardless of what we go through you still pay God for all he gives you and he will take what you plant and create your abundance and prosperity. I looked at my current net-worth and how I could turn that around. I committed to tithing and pray god take notice. My goal is to sow consitently whether in time, money, or by helping another. I asked myself and my group "How important is money?". It's a need because that is the way our enomony is structured but it's not a high priority. The priority is being obedient to GOD and how he would like us to handle our finances. The bible states how we handle our finances, there are 58 blessings listed in the bible so there is no reason we should have financial woes. I have a three year plan broken down my months to stay on track with every sector of my life. I now use a online financial planner and used my own advice I had for my clients when it comes to budgeting. It can be done you have to reset, re-focus and stay encouraged. I go back to Ephes. 4:19 everytime I get lost. Michelle I can't wait for your book...I hope you come to Peoria and speak to the women here about Divanomics.

  5. I used my retirement savings from a previous employer to get out of most of my credit card debt, I cut expenses and pay cash only, I have been blessed by sowing into other people's ministries--and when I pray God enables me to have wisdom to meet my financial needs.

  6. Wow this is awesome stuff. It is a day to day faith walk. Perhaps thats why God lets us know His mercies are new every morning. What we must not do is allow ourselves to be overcome by fear. Take a deep breath, decide to trust Him and draw from your support base. Your hidden wealth is in your relationships. Not only because they can encourage you to keep going, but also because you can cut the cost of living by spreading it out among your inner circle. Bulk shop together and divide the cost. Barter skills. Exchange items. It's all good. I am in the process of looking for a new home and trying to complete a short sale on my condo. Attitude is everything. This is not the end. Simply a fantastic opportunity for a new beginning. It's also an opportunity for God to do what He does best. Work amazing miracles. So still your heart my sisters. Stop, pray and listen to His spirit. Hear what God is saying and follow His instructions. let Him order your steps to a greater tomorrow!
    Michelle McKinney Hammond

  7. I was bankrupt in 2000 - had to learn to live life with just one pair of black shoes - and one "good" outfit for years - until my business took off.

    That time period showed me I can be content in whatever state I am as long as my heart is right and my priorities are straight.

    I learned to REALLY activate my faith - and God has blessed me beyond all I can ask or think. (And I have tons of shoes - and boots too)> :)

    I also was blessed to have people "sow" into me during that time period. And I have a new level of gratitude for good friends they goes beyond words. It's amazing how many miracle the Lord performed during that time period. He will never leave me or forsake me....or have his seed begging for bread. I AM A WITNESS!
    Can't wait for the interview Michelle!

  8. Well Michelle

    I am there now, laid off recently and homebound. I've relearned how to cook and be thrifty about my spending. It's made me relook at what I've dreamed about doing and helped me look for a pathway to making that happen. I am reminded that there is nothing impossible for God. I'm taping into His resurrection power to make some things happen with my latest literary project and helping aspiring writers fulfill their dreams.

  9. from Michelle McKinney Hammond

    When you think about it plenty seems to make us not only independent but selfish. Perhaps this time of economic setback is more about rediscovering community than sacrificing indulgences. In the midst of it all there is a new generosity to be discovered that costs nothing at all except our time, our service and ourselves. And that my friend is a worthy investment that will always pay high dividends with interest. With interest, get it? At the end of the day your hidden wealth isn’t buried in a vault it’s in the heart of your relationships.


    I learned that God has a way of showing you he's GOD. I have watched my mother make a way out of no way. I recall a moment when she had no clue on how she was going to pay the mortgage being that she was out of work and had recently be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My mother literally had rolls of quarter's laid out the bed as she cried to God to help her. I never forget that day. God stepped in right on time and my mother still has her house. Faith and Prayer is what I rely on whenever I don't have the answers. They have been my best friends in this life and they never let me down.

  11. from Michelle McKinney Hammond

    I want to challenge you to a 30 day no shopping fast. it's the only way for you to see how you spend money and the difference it makes when you are aware of every penny. So here goes. The rules are simple.
    1. Do not buy anything you don't absolutely need. Use what you have from food to products to clothing.
    2. Do not use your credit cards at all!
    3. Thats right cash only purchases. Or you can use your debit card but keep track of what you are spending.
    4. Write down what you do purchase and add up what you spent for the month as well as what you saved.
    Remember the money you saved is not for a spending spree it is reserved for paying off a bill. Alright ladies. Let me know how you did!And more importantly what you learned about yourself and how you spend money.

  12. Michelle: "How to still be fabulous when you are broke?" Easy. Since one is separate and distinct from the other. But I get what you mean.

    I author the "Be Broke But Happy" blog, where my readers gather, some rich, some poor, but ALL happy. "Keep it dialed here 'cause Broke Girl knows a thing or two about a great relationship with all things monetary."

    The moniker is a bit misleading because I've never been down and broke, but I do know poor and I have had wealth, and life satisfaction really has next to nothing to do with either status, this I do know. Looking forward to speaking with you in September at Girl's Night Out: Let's Talk about Money, in Aurora, IL All best, Sharon Durling